Terms of service

The following terms apply to all domain account hosting services provided by Inveress.

Service Level Availability

If the services (web, database and email) on a customer domain hosted on one of our standard hosting plans are available for less than 99.9% of the time in a single calendar month due to unscheduled downtime (more than 43 minutes downtime in a month), customers will be entitled to claim a partial refund of that month’s hosting fee in the form of an SLA credit. The SLA credit amount will be 5% of your monthly hosting fee per 30 minutes downtime beyond the initial 43 minutes, up to 100% of your monthly hosting fee.

To request an SLA credit, please email support@inveress.net.au.

Please note that any network or hardware maintenance for which 24 hours advance notification is sent (via email to our contact addresses on file) does not count as unscheduled downtime and does not count towards this total.

In addition, outages caused by problems originating outside of our hosting network (and which are thus outside our control) are likewise not covered.


Hacking attempts are generally aimed at either the server as a whole or against individual websites.

Inveress will endeavour to secure its servers to the best of their ability in order to prevent hacking and other improper access or use. However, it is impossible to guarantee a 100% secure server, and as such, Inveress cannot be held responsible for losses due to access by unauthorised third parties.

As Inveress does not alter the contents of client hosting accounts unless requested, hosting clients are responsible for securing their own websites. Any client not confident in this area can take advantage of Inveress’s site security services (such as our WordPress Framework Update Management subscription service).

Acceptable Use

Inveress does not review, edit, censor or take responsibility for any information its customers may create or make available. When users place information on the internet, they have the same liability as any other authors for copyright infringement, defamation, and other harmful speech.

Customers are therefore in violation of the Terms of Service when they engage in or authorise the following activities:

  • The sending of unsolicited, bulk and/or commercial email (spamming);
  • Intellectual property violations (copyright infringement);
  • The violation of others’ privacy or personal rights;
  • The spreading of any material that contravenes obscenity laws;
  • Defamatory language;
  • The forging of email headers;
  • Illegal or unauthorised access to other computers or networks;
  • The distribution of viruses, trojans, worms and other destructive software;
  • Ping flooding, mail bombing, denial of service attacks or other disruptive activity;
  • Engagement in other illegal activities such as piracy, fraud or pyramid schemes;
  • Engagement in terrorist activities; and
  • Any other activity that Inveress determines to be harmful to its customers or operation.

Upon the receipt of any complaint relating to the above activities, Inveress will pass the complaint on to the owner of the domain identified and will attempt to determine whether such a complaint is warranted. Confirmed violation of the Terms of Service may result in actions up to and including immediate suspension of services without refund.


Inveress will not intentionally monitor private email messages sent or received by customers unless required to do so by law, governmental authority, or when public safety is at stake. Inveress may, however, monitor its services to ensure they are operating correctly. Also, Inveress may disclose information, including but not limited to information concerning a customer and transmissions made using a hosted service in order to comply with a court order or other legal requirement. Inveress assumes no obligation to inform the customer that such information has been provided and in some cases may be prohibited by law from doing so.

Inveress may also disclose customer information or information transmitted over its network where necessary to protect itself and others from harm, or where such disclosure is necessary for the proper operation of the system.


In agreeing to Inveress providing service, customers indemnify Inveress for any violation of law or these Terms of Service that results in loss to customers or the bringing of any claim against Inveress by any third party.

Conditional Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Please note that any refunds due to our failure to provide an agreed level of service are conditional on the failure not being caused by:

  • Circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as natural disaster or fire, acts of any government body, disruption to our systems due to the failure of a related third party system, disruption to our systems due to the failure at our hosting provider, failure of third party software, or virus, hacker or Denial of Service (DoS) attacks;
  • Scheduled maintenance for which notification is sent to customers at least 24 hours in advance;
  • DNS issues outside our direct control; or
  • Loss of customer access due to problems or misconfigurations in the customer’s own equipment.

Abuse or Copyright Complaints

Any complaints about a customer’s violation of this policy should be sent in the first instance by email, to our abuse address, abuse@inveress.net.au.

Last updated: 14 June 2021.