Inveress can help you with all aspects of your website, including design (and redesign), development, content updates, maintenance, WordPress software updates, security, SEO and hosting.

Website design and development

Create, grow or re-create your business's presence on the web. Our business websites are attractive and effective, and are designed to sell your message. Our sites are built around content management systems to allow easy updating of content (by you or us, whichever you prefer). We work co-operatively with you throughout the development process to ensure you’re happy with the end product.

We can come up with a design, write copy, use your existing images and create new images, integrate your site with your Facebook page or Twitter stream, harden your site against hacking, and ensure your site is indexed effectively by search engines via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Whether it’s an online store or an informational "brochure" site for your business or organisation, we can help.

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Website updates and maintenance

Website maintenance (function or design changes, or content updates) can be performed on demand and is costed at an hourly rate, billed in 15 minute blocks; there is no need to sign up for a support contract. If you have need of regular, ongoing work, we'll put you on periodic billing (one invoice per fortnight instead of per job, for example) to simplify administration.

WordPress security and repair

We can make your site more resilient to hacking, or, if you've already been hacked, we can work out the best way to "de-hack" and clean your site and get it back up and running.

WordPress troubleshooting

Got errors or problems on your WordPress site? Have you made a change and now your site won't load? We can work out what's gone wrong and fix it for you.

Graphic design

Aside from site design, we can also provide general graphic design services, including image restoration and image creation and composition for your website, Facebook page, mailing list emails or stationery.

Mailing list and newsletter management

If you need help setting up and managing your MailChimp mailing list service, we can assist. We can create newsletters, integrate sign-up forms with your website or Facebook page, add your newsletter content and manage your mailouts.

Web application development

Do you want to create an interactive web site for a specific project or function? We can create a self-contained site with a database back-end to meet your needs.

Do you want to improve your business process efficiency and reduce your operating costs? There are many gains to be made by redesigning and automating your business processes or migrating outdated and inefficient systems to a modern, web-based environment.

If you need development, maintenance or support of your web-based application or intranet, we have experience in Apache and IIS environments on PHP/MSSQL and PHP/MySQL platforms. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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WordPress software updates

While all our WordPress sites are hardened against hacking as part of the development process, no site is ever 100% secure. A major cause of WordPress hacks is running a site with an outdated WordPress framework or outdated themes and plugins.

Our WordPress update management service gives you the best chance at maintaining great site security, and if an update breaks your site (due to a compatibility issue with another plugin, for example), we'll fix it. Haven't done any updates since your site was built? Get in touch and we'll get your site up to speed!

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Website hosting

The most important aspect of your site hosting is reliability. Our web and email hosting service comes with a 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee -- though we maintain an average uptime of above 99.95%, equating to around four hours of downtime per year. Most hosts don’t like to talk about downtime, but we're proud of our record! Site hosting is generally costed on a monthly basis and invoiced annually. Whether your site is large or small, we can give it a good home.

We also register and manage domain names on your behalf, and handle DNS hosting/management as well.

General technical support

We can be engaged to provide general technical support for your computers. This can be performed remotely in many cases, but we do also provide on-site support for local Adelaide businesses. We have more than ten years experience supporting computers for both small and large businesses.

For more details on our services, please get in touch now!